Battle of Hastings




January 4th – The death of King Edward the Confessor

January 6th – Harold Earl of Wessex was crowned King of England

July – King Harold II prepares the English army for the invasion of the Normandy at the South Coast of England

-         William, Duke of Normandy prepares his Normand army for the invasion of England at the River Dives at Normandy

September 27 – Duke William sails to England. This was the beginning of the Normandy invasion.

September 26th – Duke William arrives at Penensy, on the South Coast of England. This is the official invasion of Normandy, consequently beginning the battle of the Hastings.

September 29th – Duke William occupies Hastings.

October 1st – King Harold receives news about the Normand invasion.

-         King Harold and his army march from the North, after the defeat of the Vikings to South of England

October 6th -  Harold arrives in London

 October 13th – Duke William and King Harold II negotiate, William demands that Harold II give the throne up in favour of William, refers it to the arbitration of the Pope or settle it with single combat. Harold did not agree

October 14 – Both sides prepare for battle

-         The Battle begins at 9 am and ends at 3pm

-         The Normandy army makes many unexpected strategies

-         King Harold dies by an arrow shot above his right eye

-         Victory is to William, ultimately changing England forever

 December 25 – William was crowned King at Westminster Abbey